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This groupmuse happened on Sunday, May 9, at 2:30 PM EDT.

This is a Groupmuse Virtual Premiere

An online debut of exceptionally crafted pre-recorded content, coupled with musician + audience videochat.

My Heart's in the Highlands: A performance for voice and organ
Virtual Premiere

My Heart's in the Highlands: A performance for voice and organ

New York

Sun, May 9, 2021 2:30 PM, EDT

81 of 100 spots still available
No COVID-19 restrictions
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Join us as Natalia Pavlova and great Italian organist Marco Lo Muscio, who will play on historical organ Mascioni, will perform for you a very interesting program of contemporary music with pieces of celebrated composers like Arvo Pärt,
Jehan Alain, György Sándor Ligeti, Iraida Yusupova, Eli Tamar, Marco Lo Muscio, Jean - Christophe Rosaz, Jean Langlais, as well as the very ancient arias of Dufay, who was a French composer of late medieval music, as well as arias of I S Bach..
Special guest, Italian composer and guitarist Enrico Cresci will perform his new compositions for voice and guitar!

More information about Marco Lo Muscio can be found here:
More information about Enrico Cresci can be found here :

Here is more info about the Church :

Inside the church there is the crucifix that considered miraculous, it contains a relic of the True Cross. Fire on 1519 completely destroyed the church. Apart from the outer walls, the only item that survived was a 15th century wooden crucifix which is now to be found in the Chapel of the Crucifix. The preservation of this crucifix was considered miraculous, and devotion to it increased enormously in 1522 when an epidemic stopped just when a penitential procession was held with it. Recently Pope Francesco has been on the church and prayed for the safety of the world, for to scare of the infection...

St Marcellus at the Corso, dedicated to Pope Marcellusi s a 16th century conventual and titular church on 4th century foundations, it is located just inset from Via del Corso, in ancient times called via Lata, just near to Piazza Venezia.

The legend of the church's foundation is, like we now, that the pagan emperor Maxentius decided to condemn Pope Marcellus to work as a slave in the city terminus of the department of the Cursus Publicus operating on the Via Flaminia. The city end of this road was the Via Lata, the present Corso, and the so-called catabulum (an unfamiliar Latin word) had very large stables used by lots of horses. The pope had to clean these out with his bare hands, and died as a result of nausea induced by the stink. After Maxentius was overthrown, the city's Christians then converted the stables into a basilica in the pope's memory.

The church was restored by Pope Adrian I (772-95). The relics of Pope Marcellus were brought from San Silvestro a Priscilla by Pope Gregory IV and enshrined here. Parts of the original palaeochristian basilica have been excavated by digging a little network of passages under the church.

Architects Antonio Sangallo the Younger and Carlo Fontana completely rebuilt the church in 1590. In Barock epoch inside the church warked the famous artists such as Antonio Raggi, Francesco Cavallini, Rinaldo Rinaldi, Daniele da Volterra et other.. All the paintings is conserve until the present days.

Information about the musicians :

Moscow and Rome-based soprano Natalia Pavlova (who is a descendant of Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin) has graced the stages of Carnegie Hall, Moscow Chaikovsky State Conservatory, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), and many others throughout the world.

Active in performing music from antiquity to today, she was a soloist for 6 years in the Moscow theater School of Dramatic Art, directed by Anatoly Vasiliev. Natalia has sung world premiere performances and recordings of works by composers Giovanni Sollima, Venus Rey and Iraida Yusupova, composed specially for her voice, as well as pieces by Vladimir Martynov. She serves on Artistic Council of The First Cultural International Festival, Russian-Rome, Palazzo Poli in Rome, and was recently awarded the Silver Lion at the Narnia International Festival, as well as the International "Clean Sound" Award. She recorded 3 CD with contemporary music in Da Vinci Classics ( Japan) and in Art Classics (Moscow)

Traditional Repertoire

Opera, Baroque/Early Music, Contemporary Music

What's the music?

Marco Lo Muscio Piano And Organ
Marco Lo Muscio Organ
Enrico Cresci Guitar

Arvo Pärt, Jehan Alain, György Sándor Ligeti,
Iraida Yusupova, Eli Tamar, Marco Lo Muscio, but also with very ancient arias of Guillaume Dufay who was a French composer of late medieval music, as well as arias of I S Bach..

Full program :
Marco Lo Muscio: Ricercare on the name G.A.N.D.A.L.F.

Guillaume Dufay: Ave Regina Coelorum

Arvo Pärt: “My Heart's in the Highlands”

Marco Lo Muscio: Cantus Mysticus pro Arvo Pärt

Johann Sebastian Bach: “Liebster Jesu” from Cantata BWV 32

Jehan Alain: Ave Maria

Marco Lo Muscio: Vocalise n.1 “To my mother”

Iraida Yusupova: Salve dolce Regina

Alan Hovhaness: Prayer of St. Gregory

Marco Lo Muscio: Red Pedal Solo

György Ligeti: Musica Ricercata n.7 and n.8

Eli Tamar: Prière de Saint François d'Assise

Enrico Cresci: “Dreams” and solo for guitar


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Deborah G., over 2 years ago

My congratulations to the performers; this was such a beautiful and uplifting program! I had to exit right after the music but wanted to express that the combination of the vocals and organ worked very well. Also I was particularly impressed by Heart's in the Highlands, the Vocalise To my Mother, and the Priere de Saint-Francois. And I had no idea the organ could be played with feet only!
Debbie Ghidinelli

Natalia P., over 2 years ago

Dear Friends, thank you so much for coming!! I waa happy to see you, have a beautiful week!

Marco L., over 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone to watched this special event from Rome with Natalia and me! The acoustic of this beautiful church in the historical center of Rome is really nice for the combination Voice and Organ.

Natalia will perform another event on June 11 (Friday) and I will perform my first "Piano Solo" event on Groupmuse next June 12 (Saturday).

Thanks again!


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