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Backstage Pass ~ Trinity Alps Festival @ Monument SF

Backstage Pass ~ Trinity Alps Festival @ Monument SF

SoMa, SF

Fri, August 4, 2023 7:00 PM, PDT

Pay the musicians
53 of 100 spots still available
Vaccine policy
COVID vaccination required (honor system)
Testing policy
COVID testing not required
This is an indoor event
Mask policy
Masks are not required
If you feel sick, stay home
Drinking policy
Don't bring your own drinks
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for sale
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair Accessible
Kid-friendly event

This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.


Ian S. Superhost
Irene Z. Co-host

Monument SF is back - one of the best Groupmuse venues in the Milky Way galaxy! Monument is a co-working, co-living warehouse that is a center for arts, music, movement, and all kinds of creative explorations.

With seating options for over 100 people ranging from antique chairs to comfy couches to beanbags and pillows on the floor, we will create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere for everyone.

This concert features incredible performers from the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival. The Trinity Alps Fest has performed dozens of concerts across California, including annual programs here at Monument, including their legendary "Midwinter Beethoven" series that explored the late quartets of dear old Ludwig.

"BACKSTAGE PASS" refers not just to the casual nature of this event, to the ability to hang out and converse with the musicians performing... We will also enjoy a "guided tour" of the music being performed, as the musicians will share stories of the composers, context of the time and place, and specific details to listen for in the music. Haven't you always wanted to peer into the depths of a masterpiece?

What's the music?

J. S. Bach - Preludes, Fugues, and Dances Mashup
Samuel Barber - Excursions for Piano
John Adams - Road Movies for Violin and Piano
Robert Schumann - Piano Trio Op. 80


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