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UWS Muse

UWS Muse

Upper West Side

Sun, October 8, 2023 5:00 PM, EDT

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This is a groupmuse

A live concert in a living room, backyard, or another intimate space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.



What's the music?

Octavio Deluchi (he/him) Classical Guitar

Brazilian Nocturnes: Guitar Tales Under the Stars

Elodie Bouny (b. 1982) - Anjo

Sérgio Assad (b. 1952) - Spanish Impressions
I - Asturiana
II - Valencianas
III - Andaluz

João Luiz (b. 1979) - Prelude nº 4

Vicente Paschoal (b. 1979) - Dedicatória nº 1

Vicente Paschoal (b. 1979) - Sonata
I - Allegro non troppo
II - Largo/Cantabile
III - Allegro con brio

“​​Brazilian Nocturnes: Guitar Tales Under the Stars” features exclusively living and active classical guitar composers from Brazil. Despite their common origin, the names contemplated in this repertoire are based in many different cities throughout the world, such as Rio de Janeiro, New York, Chicago, and Lisbon, among other places. It also presents exclusive pieces premiered or commissioned by Deluchi. The contemporary repertoire presented in “Brazilian Nocturnes: Guitar Tales Under the Stars” is a new statement of the aesthetics of current young and diverse composers, side by side with more established names. The pieces have at the same time a fresh scent while relying heavily on the tradition, honoring their influences.

The program starts with a short but beautiful melodic piece, “Anjo” (Angel). By Elodie Bouny, the composer summarizes her diverse experiences in the places she passed by, such as France, Portugal, Bolivia, and above all, Brazil. Bouny writes a simple melody with a well-developed accompaniment, leading to some unexpected arrival points, creating a lot of musical interest in this short work. The next piece in the program, “Spanish Impressions”, is a homage from the great Sergio Assad to the Iberic country where the classical guitar comes from. Assad lead us to a wonderful trip to Spain through the lens of a Brazilian composer. All the characteristics that made Sergio internationally renowned are present here: a great sense of melody, beautiful harmonies inspired by jazz and bossa-nova, and a familiar sonority despite all its complexity. That adds up with specific influences and themes borrowed from the Spanish repertoire, such as the Phrygian mode, rasgueados, fast passages, and a lot of emotions through the six strings.

João Luiz presents the most mysterious piece of this repertoire with his “Prelude nº 4”. Based in Brooklyn, Luiz has as his main influences names such as Villa-Lobos and Camargo-Guarnieri, with a more intimate setting and the “Brazilianess" presented in a more implicit way. It is a sonic treasure hunt that invites the listener to find quotes going from Brazilian popular music to Francisco Tárrega.

Vicente Paschoal was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. One of the leading names in what concerns the contemporary guitar, “Sonata” is one of his most substantial works. With three movements and dedicated to Octávio Deluchi, the work is a homage to the Mexican composer Manuel Maria Ponce. Because of the name and its musical form, “Sonata”, by Paschoal, is an outstanding piece that is inspired by the musical forms of the late 19th century, with a sonic reference that resembles the early decades of Paris in the 20th century, when the classical guitar was being redefined by names such as Ponce, Segovia, and other collaborators. Paschoal’s “Dedicatória” has the subtitle "thank you", as a greeting for the audience and is a short jewel transformed into sound poetry.


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