This groupmuse happened on Saturday, October 31, at 6:00 PM EDT.

This is an in-person Groupmuse Concert

A live in-person performance in a living room or private space. They're casual and friendly, hosted by community members.

A Vineyard, Halloween, and a Chamber Music Party Bus...
In-person Concert

A Vineyard, Halloween, and a Chamber Music Party Bus...

Cutchogue, NY

Sat, October 31, 2015 6:00 PM, EDT

11 of 50 spots still available
Drinking policy
No alcohol at this groupmuse
Age limit
All guests must be 21
No bathroom at this event

<u><b>This event will take place at <a href="">Castello di Borghese</a>, one of the oldest vineyards in Long Island.</u></b>

<li><b>3:30pm: We'll meet near Jay Street Metrotech</b>, and board a yellow school bus, which will drive us to the vineyard. <br><br><b><a href="">You can Paypal me $30 per person to reserve a spot on the bus.</a></b></li><br>
<li><b>6:30pm: A full concert-length program</b> will feature hauntingly beautiful music by Mozart and Shostakovich, and a tango by Francisco Canaro. The program will have two intermissions.</li>
<li><b>8:00pm: An open-air jam session</b> will follow the program for any musicians who bring their instruments.</li>
<li><b>9:00pm: The school bus will drive folks to Riverhead</b>, where we can find food and bevvies. Anyone who wants to head back at this time can get dropped at the Stony Brook train station (trains leave at 10:17pm).</li>
<li><b>11:30pm: We all head back</b> from Riverhead. We should be back in Brooklyn by 1:30-2:00am.</li>


Kimberly Jeong Cello
Avi Nagin Violin

Mozart String Quartet K. 458 "The Hunt"

Shostakovich String Quartet No.8, Op.110

Desde de Alma

Check it out here!


Exact address sent to approved attendees via email.


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Chase M., over 7 years ago

*Raises Hand*

Heavy M., over 7 years ago

Hand. Raised.

Shai C., over 7 years ago

im interested in taking the bus, and possibly in camping there, is that still an option?

Zachariah D., over 7 years ago

Yes I'm down!

Zachariah D., over 7 years ago

& Guest too!

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

Hey everyone, we're finalizing details for the Halloween vineyard-muse. Here are a few updates (and requests for input from y'all).

Transportation Cost: The school bus is going to run $30 per person. I am going to pay upfront to lock it in, so am going to request everyone who's "on the bus" Paypal me $30 per person to reserve a spot on the bus (by Wednesday 10/28/15 at the latest, please).

Transportation Logistics: The bus will pick us up at Jay Street Metrotech at 3:30pm, and will leave to come back to BK at midnight. If this doesn't work for anyone, please let me know.

Camping: So far, only one person has expressed interest in camping. If there isn't more interest in camping, that's fine (it greatly simplifies the logistics), but if more folks do want to camp -- now's the time to speak up.

Jam Session: Who is planning on bringing an instrument and taking part in the post-muse jam session?


Zachariah D., over 7 years ago

Re: Jam Session afterwards, my friend will bring his clarinet and has access to the Juilliard library if we want any music... Let me know!

Jason F., over 7 years ago

Hand raised for the school bus.

Heavy M., over 7 years ago

I wanna camp!

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

So, from what I've got, these folks are interested in camping: Zach +1, Manoj, Mark(?), Sam (+1?), and myself. Anyone else?

Zachariah D., over 7 years ago

Me and +1 are not interested in camping... We're just interested in bus!!

[email protected], over 7 years ago

Can we drive ourselves? Is that an option? Thanks!

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

You can definitely drive yourselves! The bus was organized because so many people don't have cars, and a party bus is more fun than LIRR. :) But feel free to get yourselves out there however it makes sense for you!

Jo-Ann A., over 7 years ago

I'm late for this cause I just found out through email but are there any spots left on the bus?
I'm just 1.

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

There are still 15 spots left on the bus. Anyone who wants to join us on the bus can just send $30 through

See you all tomorrow!

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

Hey everyone -- hope you're as stoked as I am about the vineyard-muse tomorrow!! Want to share some logistical details.

The bus may not be able to park easily, so I'll be coordinating with the driver during pick-up. We can meet at 3:30pm on the southwest corner of Jay Street and Willoughby, and then walk over to wherever the bus is posted up together. My cell number is 415.438.0555. Let me know if anything comes up.

Also, we don't want folks drinking wine on an empty stomach. If you want to bring food, all good. We can also stop on the way out to the North Fork if folks get hungry.

See you tomorrow!

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

One last thing! The bus leaves at 3:30pm. I'll be there from 3pm to coordinate with the bus driver. (Look for muertos face paint.

Again, shoot me a text if anything comes up: 415.438.0555

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

Another last thing: in case it's not obvious, campers should bring their own gear. Campers will also need to come back via LIRR or other method, since the party bus is clocking out after it takes everyone else back to Brooklyn tonight.

Katie S., over 7 years ago

Gio you rock! Thanks everyone for coming out, we had the best time!

Brett W., over 7 years ago

Thank you all again for coming out last night. We had such a great time playing and enjoying delicious wine with you! Can't wait to do it again!

Christopher F., over 7 years ago

Thanks for organizing this, Laralyn!

Frank G., over 7 years ago

Laralyn!! Epic night! Brett, Katie, Kimberly, and Avi!! Epic tunes!! Gio!! Epic venue and amazing Vino!! Much love, y'all.

Frank G., over 7 years ago

Laralyn!! Epic night! Brett, Katie, Kimberly, and Avi!! Epic tunes!! Gio!! Epic venue and amazing Vino!! Much love, y'all.

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

You guys! Last night was SO MUCH FUN! Thank you to everyone who joined the [school bus] field trip! Thank you to Brett and Katie for suggesting this! Thank you Shostakovich for composing such profoundly creepy Halloween music! And thank you, Giovanni, for co-planning & hosting this event. Hopefully this is the first of many vineyard-muses!

Susanna G., over 7 years ago

Thank you Laralyn for your expert hosting.
Brett, Katie, Kimberly, and Avi, your magical execution of Shostakovich's eight quartet was magnificent. Thank you for creating a memorable Halloween!

Laralyn M., over 7 years ago

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I recently started working for a foundation that primarily funds social justice initiatives, but also helps organizations that support the arts via a matching gifts program. They match employee donations 3:1, meaning if I donate $250 they will contribute $750, growing my donation to $1,000. If you are interested in contributing to the "Grow My Groupmuse Fund", reach out to me at [email protected].

Happy Holidays!


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