This groupmuse happened on Friday, February 26, at 9:00 PM EST.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

Get Your Climb On: A Brooklyn Boulders Massivemuse!

Get Your Climb On: A Brooklyn Boulders Massivemuse!

Gowanus, Brooklyn

Fri, February 26, 2016 9:00 PM, EST

Drinking policy
No alcohol at this groupmuse
Age limit
All guests must be 21


Groupmuse Superhost

BKB is hopping on the Groupmuse train and opening up their doors to the first-ever showing (probably) of live classical music at a climbing gym! You won't be able to believe your eyes and ears! Chill out on their padded mats while listening to Shattered Glass, a 15-musician string ensemble, and get lost in the middle of a 360-degree wonder world of boulders and rainbow footholds lining the walls.

But wait, there's more: A ticket not only buys you entry to the performance, but you also get a 1-DAY PASS TO BROOKLYN BOULDERS, GEAR INCLUDED!(!!!!) Just so you know, those tickets normally go for $38 a pop. If you are already a member of BKB, you can buy discounted tickets using this link here:

Sixpoint Brewery is sponsoring beer, which will be provided for free, because they ball hard. The music is set to start around 9:30 PM. See you soon, you soon-to-be super fit climbing pros!

**NOTE: Every attendee must complete BKB's safety waiver before arriving. We are hoping to prevent a back-up of people filling out the waiver on Friday, so be sure to do it ahead of time! You can find it here:


Shattered Glass String Ensemble

B. Bartók // 6 Romanian Folk Dances

-Pause and Drink-

P.I. Tchaikovsky // Serenade for Strings


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Susanna G, over 6 years ago

Will there be any chairs for those unable to sit on a mat?
Thank you!

CL Suazo, over 6 years ago

Does the day pass include gear?

Jacqueline Wasilczyk, over 6 years ago

Will climbing be happening concurrently?

Emily Chiappinelli, over 6 years ago

Hello all! We're getting very excited for Friday. To answer your questions, there will be some chairs available for those unable to sit on a mat. The day-pass does include gear, and climbing will not be happening during the musical performance. It will resume after the performance has ended.

Be sure to fill out the safety waiver (link in event details) before Friday!

Zachary Maher, over 6 years ago

To clarify, is the climbing pass just for Friday, or is it a one-day pass to use whenever?

Emily Chiappinelli, over 6 years ago

The day-pass is just for use on Friday.

Groupmuse, over 6 years ago

Hello fellow 'musers,

We have some logistics to note ahead of the massivemuse on Friday:

1. Please complete Brooklyn Boulders' safety waiver ( before arriving on Friday. This will ensure we do not have a back-up at the entrance.

2. The doors open at 9 PM, and the musical performance will begin around 9:30 PM. If you would like to use your day-pass to BKB, you can use it before or after the musical performance.

3. We will have about 25 chairs available to those who cannot sit on the ground. Please hold off on taking a chair unless you need one.

There will be free beer provided, and a water fountain available as well. Please email [email protected] with any questions you have. See you very soon!

Karen Edelblum, over 6 years ago

If the day pass is only good the day of the event, how long will BKB be open after the performance for climbing?

Emily Chiappinelli, over 6 years ago

BKB closes at midnight on Friday, and the performance should wrap up by 11 PM at the latest. You can also use the day-pass to climb before the massivemuse begins, and get there as early as you'd like. Doors for the musical performance are at 9, which is when we will be closing off climbing.

WhereWhenWhatWhy, about 6 years ago

Just learned that the 1-day pass is only an option on the day of. (That wasn't clarified on the left in the details portion of the event info.) --Can I get a refund for the ticket? The Brooklyn Boulders pass was the incentive but can't do it before or after unfortunately.

WhereWhenWhatWhy, about 6 years ago

Disregard message. Just requested the refund via ticket page. --Appreciate it. THANKS ALL!

Victoria Lee, about 6 years ago

Hi, is there any way to buy an additional ticket? Thank you.

Jacqueline Wasilczyk, about 6 years ago

Hey, it's 8:30 PM and climbing is closed already?

Susanna G, about 6 years ago

Thank you Emily!

Macayla donegan, about 6 years ago

Thanks guys! It was awesome.

Susanna G, about 6 years ago

One word for Shattered Glass, MAGICAL!!
Thank you for a memorable evening.

David Rada, about 6 years ago

Thanks for putting this together, do it again!


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