This groupmuse happened on Friday, January 13, at 7:30 PM EST.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

Our Next Nutty Massivemuse: (William Grant) Still Kicking: The Warp Trio Experience: Too Many Colons:

Our Next Nutty Massivemuse: (William Grant) Still Kicking: The Warp Trio Experience: Too Many Colons:

Inwood, New York

Fri, January 13, 2017 7:30 PM, EST

Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks


Groupmuse Superhost

This is going to be nuts.

William Grant Still is a true hero of American Classical Music.

The Warp Trio are true heroes of the New York City Groupmuse scene.

Let's do a Massivemuse.

Antonin Dvorak, on his sojourn to Iowa, tried to convince American composers and the public at large that we needed to rely on Native American folk music as the keystone of developing an “American sound.” He wrote his Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” while director of the National Conservatory of Music of America to give us some other ideas.

But America already was developing a sound, although it perhaps wasn’t ready to admit an American sound could be built on black musics. William Grant Still used his prodigious talent within Classical music, imbued with his lived experience as a Black American to create a voice all his own. We present his middle period work Poem for Orchestra.

New-York based Warp Trio (Joshua Henderson, Mikael Darmaine, Ju Young Lee) will premiere their genre-bending self-composed Triple Concerto for Piano Trio. With influences as diverse as Hip Hop, Classical and Raga, Warp Trio bends expectations and creates a sound all their own. This is their most expansive work today, employing full orchestra.

Some Tony Dvořák -- the first movement of his magisterial 9th Symphony, for a new world.

A William Grant Still Tone Poem, performed by Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra.

A new TRIPLE CONCERTO performed and written by the Warp Trio, backed by the Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra.

This is going to be nuts.

Founded in 2014, Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra's purpose is to collaborate anywhere, anytime, with anyone. An orchestra for the 21st century, Urban Playground is malleable in size, genre and venue, aiming to create engaging programming and push traditional boundaries through collaboration, performances of lesser known works and revitalized takes on classic works. We prioritize the music of African American and female composers to further enliven the classical canon. 

Musicians from Urban Playground currently play with the New York Philharmonic, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, New World Symphony, and Detroit Symphony Orchestra, among other leading groups.


Warp Trio Violin, Cello, and Piano (*Sometimes Percussion)

New World Symphony, Movement 1 - Antonin Dvořák

Poem for Orchestra - William Grant Still

Warp Trio Triple Concerto* - Warp Trio

*with World Premiere Choreography by Mara Driscoll featuring dancers: Dannys Gonzalez, Lucia Jackson, Elisa Toro Franky and Elliott Keller.


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Groupmuse, about 6 years ago

Hi all, just a reminder that this event is BYOB, so if you want beer, bring it! Don't go too nuts though! 🌞

Marjorie Vai, about 6 years ago

An extraordinary event. We are really fortunate to be witnessing the first stages of the Warp Trio's career. I believe they are a musical phenomenon. These massive muses extend to role of Groupmuse to enabling the creative process. Congrats to all involved.

Tara Marie Seeley, about 6 years ago

What a great introduction to Groupmuse. A delightful evening with such a solid program. You introduced me to William Grant Still and to Warp Trio, and to the Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra. The musicians exuded joy and confidence, and the audience's love for music was part of the magic. I'm looking forward to more Groupmuse events. Thanks!

Will Keible, about 6 years ago

An extraordinary evening of music. This was my first Groupmuse experience and I loved every minute of it. Can't beat "New World" and the Still work. which I had never heard, was outstanding. The Triple Concerto was incredibly intense, creative, fun, brilliant, and always enjoyable.


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