This groupmuse happened on Saturday, June 3, at 8:00 PM.

Sat, June 3, 2017, 8:00 PM

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Groupmuse is getting down and dirty in a multi-floor abandoned speakeasy in Long Island City..the kind they don't want you to know about.

We're featuring the 12-musician string ensemble Palaver Strings, hailing from Boston on their East Coast tour Simple Gifts. Palaver Strings is a musician-led string orchestra dedicated to the collaborative interpretation of classical masterworks and to taking classical music out of the concert hall into new settings -- including abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of NYC.

We're going to arrange the crowd Burning Man-style, in a gigantic circle surrounding the ensemble as they perform classical masterworks and folk melodies framed by works from American poets, artists, historical figures, and current visionaries, including Anton Arensky, Dowland, and Bèla Bàrtok. It will be a mass meditation on beautiful music old and new, featuring some of the finest young musicians in the Boston area.

After the performance, there will be dance! We've got some cutting-edge DJs lined up to take us out of our reveries and into the night.

*Bring a blanket or something to sit on! *



Elizabeth Moore


Ryan Shannon


Matthew Smith


Nikolai Renedo


Lysander Jaffe


Brianna Fischler

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Danielle Wilson


Su Yin Chan


Su Yin Chan


Nate martin


Alexander Goodin


Palaver Strings
Violin Maya French, Alan Tilley, Ryan Shannon, Danielle Wilson Viola Brianna Fischler, Lysander Jaffe, Elizabeth Moore, Maren Rothfritz Cello Nikolai Renedo, Matt Smith Bass Alex Goodin, Nate Martin


Maya French

Simple Gifts – East Coast Tour - Palaver Strings

Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky, Anton Arensky
Lachrimae Amantis (Lover’s Tears), Dowland
Romanian Folk Dances, Bèla Bàrtok arr. Goodin

-Intermission- (we can cut the intermission if necessary)

Simple Gifts, Elder joseph Brackett arr. Goodin
New England Fiddle Set
Divertimento for String Orchestra, Bèla Bàrtok

In tumultuous times throughout history, the value of the arts has been called into question. Even as artists, we often doubt ourselves and the worth we bring to society. Yet we know that in our field, we follow our own rules; we are not bound to tell linear or concrete stories. We have the freedom and the responsibility, to think for ourselves and push the boundaries of public thought.

As we embark on our tour through a divided country, we ask ourselves what we have to bring to communities as artists. Classical music is so often called irrelevant, its concert-hall audiences out of touch with the rest of modern society. At its best, though, this music has the power to transcend time and place.

On Palaver Strings' tour Simple Gifts, we will perform classical masterworks and folk melodies alike, framed by words from American poets, artists, historical figures, and current visionaries. Letting music take over where words fall short, we invite you to join us in a shared musical experience. As music gives us a time and place to reflect, we hope to bring communities closer together: made stronger by their diversity, wiser through dialogue, and more compassionate through shared experience. Palaver Strings' simple gift is music.


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