This groupmuse happened on Saturday, July 29, at 7:30 PM.

Sat, July 29, 2017, 7:30 PM

Walt Disney Concert Hall

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Los Angeles is the newest Groupmuse community, and while many of you know the warmth and intimate majesty of our living room evenings, we haven't yet introduced your great city to the full range of what we do. But! We're getting one step closer with our first very LA Groupmuse Night Out!

A Groupmuse Night Out is an evening where one of the many venerable classical music institutions in a city gives us a stack of heavily discounted tickets so the Groupmuse community can gather in the big house on the cheap and have a proper night out.

And there is no house that is bigger than the legendary Walt Disney Concert Hall, and that's exactly where we're heading, this Saturday, at 8pm.

Our incredibly generous friends at iPalpiti are making a stack of discounted tickets available to us for the grand finale of their annual festival. iPalpiti is a remarkable organization that incubates the leading young talent in the classical music world and gives these folks the chance to play in the finest concert halls around the globe. Many iPalpiti artists have gone on to be classical music royalty and this year's brilliant crop of iPalpitians is gathering on stage at Walt Disney to electrify us with an evening of masterworks of the absolute highest order:

Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante - often regarded as among his supreme orchestral achievements, it's led by soloists on the violin and viola.

Beethoven's Serioso String Quartet arranged for string orchestra of Gustav Mahler - it's 22 furious minutes of pure dynamite and is perhaps the quintessential transitional work between the heroic romanticism of middle Beethoven and wild-eyed proto-modernism of late Beethoven.

The average ticket price for the evening is around $50, but we're getting tickets for $20, because it's Groupmuse, baby.

So bring some friends, fill your Saturday Night with something enormous and eternal, and have a great Night Out!


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