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Shattered Glass and its Debut CD Release Pioneer Works Massivemuse (With Special Guest Pascal Le Boeuf)
Indoor Concert

Shattered Glass and its Debut CD Release Pioneer Works Massivemuse (With Special Guest Pascal Le Boeuf)

Red Hook

Tue, October 3, 2017 7:00 PM, EDT
(Ticket sales closed Oct 3, 6:30 PM EDT)

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While hardly long-in-the-tooth, Groupmuse, now entering its sixth year of life, has been around long enough to have relationships that go back years - years that have heralded big changes for us and our favorite collaborators.

And on October 3rd, we're so honored to celebrate a watershed moment with our glorious friends at Shattered Glass - by our minds, the most dynamic and talented young ensemble in NYC - for The Debut Shattered Glass CD Release Massivemuse. And we're equally pleased to announce that the bash will be at none other than the first Massivemuse home we ever knew in New York City - Red Hook's legendary Pioneer Works.

The Massivemuse will first feature three new works, all immortalized on the new album: Transition Behavior by Pascal Le Boeuf, Entr'acte by Pulitzer-Prize winner Caroline Shaw, and Chaâbi by Tarik O'Regan. Le Boeuf is expected to be at the Massivemuse, and O'Regan is sending a short video in absentia.

The second half of the program will be Mendelssohn's 7th String Symphony. Written when he was only 13 years old, the absolutely brilliant work is a testament to the greatest musical prodigy the Western World has ever known.

This pairing of canonical and contemporary, this celebration of bold new steps, this moment to reflect on where we've been and where we're going - it's not to be missed and we looking forward to seeing you there.

"Transition Behavior by jazz keyboardist and composer Pascal Le Boeuf was commissioned by Shattered Glass and premiered in 2016 as part of their spring tour series. A high energy, hard-hitting virtuoso showpiece influenced by the rhythms of progressive jazz and heavy metal, Transition Behavior is described by the composer as “the rich sound of many simultaneous amorphous gestures that combine to reflect a musical representation of "Shattered Glass". To add to this work we created a music video that captures and accentuates all of the intensity and rhythmic intricacies contained in the piece.

By way of contrast, Grammy nominated composer Tarik O’Regan’s Chaâbi is a subtle, elegant and atmospheric piece where slow, lyrical sections inspired by North African folk music gradually build into rhythmic grooves with hints of Irish fiddle tunes. Chaabi also features many moments where members of Shattered Glass perform as soloists, resulting in unexpected musical dialogues between the members of the ensemble.

In her own words, Caroline Shaw’s Ent’racte “uses classical forms and structures as an inspiration and departure point.” From the haunting harmonies of the first bar to the pianissimo cello solo closing, Caroline Shaw’s background as a violinist is shown to great effect in Entr’acte, as her intimate understanding of string instrument playing techniques allows her to create unique textures and sound effects, some of which are completely original to her work. Caroline Shaw is the youngest ever Pulitzer Prize winner for music."


Transition Behavior- Pascal Le Boeuf
Entr'acte- Caroline Shaw
Chaâbi- Tarik O'Regan
String Symphony no.7- Felix Mendelssohn


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Michael Davis, almost 4 years ago

Thanks to everyone who came out for this!


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