Unfortunately, this groupmuse was canceled.

Fri, October 27, 2017, 8:00 PM

West Bronx

Massivemuses are extra big, extra special groupmuses organized by the Groupmuse team.




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236th-time host

How is it that wordless music can elicit such specific emotional experiences? Anyone who likes scary movies can tell you that scariness is mostly about the music. But how are words like "tension," "suspense," even "spookiness" so vividly manifested in wordless art?! It's so mysterious! So mysterious that it's almost... spooky! And given that it’s a particularly spooky month that we’re in, what with the septennial October Friday the 13th, and then Halloween, we thought we’d Massivemuse on that spookiness! And thanks to our friends and burgeoning-heroes-of-the-living-room-scene MusicTalks, we will!

They’ve prepared for the crowd a celebration of the spooky - Schubert, Hermann's Psycho, and plenty in between. Four phenomenal string players, and for the second half, they'll be joined by Aaron Blake - a world class tenor from none other than the Metropolitan Opera. So they'll be showing up and throwing down -- but you’ve gotta do your part and put something spooky on! Or if not spooky, at least something.... it is a Halloween Massivemuse, after all.

We’re also stoked to be Massiving in the Bronx, for the first time ever! The unbelievably dope PIER 132 has thrown open its doors for an evening of costumes, music and good cheer AND it’s right off the 6 line.

See ya there!


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