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Mozart, Schumann & The Tales of Hoffman
Groupmuse Night Out

Mozart, Schumann & The Tales of Hoffman

Upper East Side

Wed, December 5, 2018 7:30 PM, EST
(Ticket sales closed Dec 5, 6:00 PM EST)

64 of 100 tickets still available
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Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided
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Among the most influential artists of Romanticism in classical music wasn't a musician at all. He was a fever-brained visionary of an author -- a pioneer who's frontier was the human imagination and the very boundaries of reality. His name was E.T.A. Hoffman. Operas, ballets, and instrumental works poured out of the minds of the epoch's great composers under the influence of Hoffman -- foremost among them being Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, based on a short story by the German wordsmith.

But no composer more fully embodied the spirit of Hoffman than Robert Schumann The archetypical Romantic -- Schumann was so haunted by the demons of his Genius that he threw himself into the Rhine in a thankfully failed attempt to end it all.

Hoffman's essence can be found everywhere in the music of Schumann, and this Wednesday, The Aspect Foundation of Music and Arts will explore that connection and they want us to come along!

As with all Aspect explorations, the evening begins with an illustrated talk to flesh out and color the historical context -- this one given by author and intellectual Damian Fowler on the looming presence of ETA Hoffman in 19th century European art.

It's followed by a performance of W.A. Mozart's absolutely glorious String Quintet in G Minor -- often referred to as among his greatest works. It's followed by Robert Schumann's exhilarating and monumental Piano Quintet, all performed by some of the finest musicians the City has to offer.

As ever with Aspect evenings, tickets come with free wine and food at intermission and before the music begins, so show up on time!

Tickets typically run $45, but Aspect loves our people and we love them back, so we've got a stack for a mere $20 -- over 50% off! But supplies are limited so boogie!

What's the music?

Philippe Quint
Zlatomir Fung
Vsevolod Dvorkin
Kyle Armbrust
Grace Park
Matthew Lipman

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