This groupmuse happened on Friday, May 17, at 7:45 PM EDT.

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Palaver by a Garden of History: A Late Spring Massivemuse

Palaver by a Garden of History: A Late Spring Massivemuse


Fri, May 17, 2019 7:45 PM, EDT

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The time is upon us: Our next Palaver Strings Massivemuse.

For those that don’t know, Palaver is the conductor-less string symphony of activist-musicians on a mission — to bring communities together and catalyze important conversations through the shared experience of the glorious music they make.

They’ve Massive’d on both coasts and it’s always a smash when they come to the Big Apple. This time, they’ve got a program of new works and Bach — his sublime cantata “Komm Jesu Komm” and his shattering, explosive, and legendary Chaconne in D Minor for Solo Violin arranged for the full band.

To present this year’s performance, we have the honor to partner with the Colonial Dames of America – the oldest colonial lineage society for women in the United States, and stewards over the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Gardens. It’s one of the few remaining pre-1800 buildings in Manhattan and the landscaped grounds coming alive in May amongst the massive steel and glass neighbors is a sight to see. The museum and gardens are open prior to the performance, so please come early to to enjoy a guided tour of this landmarked historical site!

We’ll reach into the past, we’ll revel in the present, we’ll welcome in the future.

Tickets are $20 and we hope to see you there!

Sponsorship and cash bar provided by NYCEVENTPRO.COM


Palaver Strings Violin, Viola , Cello & Bass
Maya French Violin
Ryan Shannon Violin
Jesse MacDonald Violin, Fiddle
Su Yin Chan
JY Lee
Nate martin
Elizabeth Moore
Matthew Smith
Brianna Fischler
Josie Davis

When we play music live, time becomes our medium. Our relationship to time is ever-changing and rich in metaphor; in the words of Paul Celan, “We shell time and teach it to walk: then time returns to the shell.” Sometimes we play with audience expectations and sense of stability, while other times we must confine our own personal expression to a “pulse” that is larger than us. With this program, we invite our listeners to think about stability and flux, how we “go with the flow” and how we can disrupt it. This program features a collaborative new commission by percussionist, electronic musician, and composer Nate Tucker.

HOROWITZ "Moon" for Strings and Percussion


BACH BWV 229 “Komm Jesu Komm”

BACH Chaconne in D Minor for Solo Violin arranged for strings with cantata excerpts

TUCKER Three Crooked Arrows for strings and electronics


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