This groupmuse happened on Sunday, May 5, at 3:00 PM.

Sun, May 5, 2019, 3:00 PM
(Sales closed May 4, 3:00 PM)

Newton Centre, Newton

A Groupmuse Night Out

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As the richness of the springtime greens ripen, and the pinks of the cherry blossoms reach their peak, the arts season for a lot of organizations, alas, winds to a close. And our wonderful friends at the radical Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra - a brilliant, cooperative, musician-run ensemble - are preparing for their season finale, and the best part of it is they want us to join along for a Groupmuse Night Out!

And what a finale it’ll be — we start out with Javier Álvarez and his Metro Chabacano, a frenetic modern masterpiece, inspired by Mexico City’s busiest metro station and one of the most important works of classical music to come out of Latin America in the last 50 years.

We follow with Gabriela Lena Frank’s Will-o’-the-Wisp - a concerto for orchestra and piccolo, drawing inspiration from the holy mystery of a forest’s darkness. Cynthia Meyers from the Boston Symphony Orchestra will be soloist.

The finale of this finale is Dvorak's glorious and abundant Serenade for Strings — it’s long been one of the most popular pieces in the rep, and with its joy, its tunefulness, its energy, it's easy to see why.

Gisèle Ben-Dor leads the band - she's one of the most celebrated women to ever wield the baton, and she specializes in championing Latin American works.

Tickets cost $40, but this here’s Groupmuse and Pro Arte is so good to us, so we’ve got a stack for this feast of sound that runs only $20, a full half off! But supplies are limited so make your move!

And have a great Night Out!



The Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra

Javier Álvarez: Metro Chabacano

Gabriela Lena Frank: Will-o’-the-Wisp

Antonín Dvořák: Serenade for Strings in E major



Elaine Kateman


Raymond Concannon


Karin Tate


Eric & Susanne von Hofe


Dinah Bodkin


Rita Bassaleh

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Urban Larson


Irina Boikov


Enrique Mitman


Sandra Stinson Olansky


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