This groupmuse happened on Saturday, May 4, at 7:00 PM.

Sat, May 4, 2019, 7:00 PM
(Sales closed May 3, 7:00 PM)

Northwest Washington, Washington

A Groupmuse Night Out

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As the richness of the springtime greens ripen, and the pinks of the Dogwoods reach their peak, the arts season for a lot of organizations, alas, winds to a close. Our wonderful friends at the radical New Orchestra of Washington (aptly abbreviated NOW!) are preparing for their season finale, and the best part of it is they want us to join along for a Groupmuse Night Out!

And what a finale it’ll be — we start with On the Nature of Daylight, by Max Richter, one of our most celebrated living composers. You might recognize the work — it’s been featured in numerous films, from Scorceses’s Shutter Island to the beloved documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It’ll be followed by an almost unprecedented concerto for percussion and orchestra by the white hot young composer Viet Cuong. It’ll feature the electrifying quartet Sandbox Percussion, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard. For one, the piece begins with a beautiful haunting tune played on clanging wine-glasses and expands from there. It’s frenetic, dynamic, jazzy, and just so NOW!

The finale of this finale is Debussy’s glorious and overwhelming La Mer — one of the great odes to the sea there’s ever been. May it wash us away.

Tickets cost $40, but this here’s Groupmuse and NOW is so good to us, so we’ve got a stack for this feast of sound that runs only $20! But supplies are limited so make your move!

And have a great Night Out!



Sandbox Percussion


New Orchestra of Washington

MAX RICHTER On the Nature of Daylight
VIET CUONG, Re(new)al for percussion quartet, and sinfonietta
DEBUSSY La Mer, arr. Iain Farrington



Reiko Green


Shane Romig; Claudia de Windt


Lisa Nirell


Anne B Drissel


Diane Rose


Judy meyers

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Zach Stone


Daniel Tomb


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