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Schubert's Last Light: A Quintet Night Out with Aspect
Groupmuse Night Out

Schubert's Last Light: A Quintet Night Out with Aspect


Wed, October 23, 2019 7:30 PM, EDT
(Ticket sales closed Oct 22, 7:30 PM EDT)

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This is a Groupmuse Night Out

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The last year of Franz Schubert’s brutally short life stands as one of the truly dazzling miracles in the history of Western Culture. Every one of Schubert’s 31 years were well lived and most were charaterized by great music, but that last one was next-level luminous - his harmonies got more abstract reaching, the conventional forms started to buckle under the weight of his genius, and music would never be the same. One of the crowning jewels of that remarkable moment is Schubert's Cello Quintet in C Major - among the very last pieces he ever penned. Enormous, haunting, poignant, thrilling, catchy and so so beautiful — it’s a perfect embodiment of the expansion this divine mind was undergoing as it prepared to leave this realm.

And! The Aspect Foundation for Arts and Music is celebrating this very piece for its opening night! And! They want us to join for a Groupmuse Night Out!

They’re bringing through the spell-binding and internationally renowned Formosa Quartet, joined by the legendary Peter Wiley on the 2nd cello. Wiley was a member of the Beaux Arts Trio and the Guarneri Quartet. Moreover like all Aspect affairs, the evening will be tied together with an illustrated talk by lecturer, writer, composer, and former BBC senior music producer Misha Donat.

And! Because the Aspect Foundation really knows how to do it, tickets come with free wine and snacks at a pre-concert reception and at intermission for a good hang.

It’s all happening at the gorgeous Italian Academy of Columbia University — and while tickets are typically $45, Groupmuse has got the hookup! $20, or more than 50% off. But supplies are limited so get yours!

What's the music?

Formosa Quartet
Peter Wiley Cello

Schubert | String Quintet in C major, D956


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