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This groupmuse happened on Saturday, October 26, at 8:00 PM EDT.

Sat, October 26, 2019, 8:00 PM EDT
(Ticket sales closed Oct 25, 12:00 PM EDT)

Fenway–Kenmore, Boston

A Groupmuse Night Out

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At the core of what we do at Groupmuse - why we gather, take our shoes off, get cozy on a new friend's living room floor - is the String Quartet. It's the beating heart of the chamber music rep, mastered by the masters, an uniquely capable of capturing and challenging the spirit of the age in an especially space-efficient way.

The Celebrity Series of Boston, for decades committed to bringing the leading lights of the performing arts world through our Great City, is calling on one of our era's great string quartets - The Jerusalem String Quartet - to explore the staggering range of what these four instruments are capable of when bound in common purpose. And best of all: We're invited for a Saturday Night Out!

The program fittingly begins with Joseph Haydn, the father of the string quartet. It's a late masterwork, epitomizing the formal clarity of the classical, his op. 76/2, "Fifths".

It's followed by a jarring contrast, the highly modernist and rawly folkish Bartok and his 4th String Quartet, representing the very vanguard of the string quartet canon.

The reconciling finale is Johannes Brahms, with his lushly Romantic and deeply brooding 1st String Quartet

It'll be an eye-opening voyage, delivered by some of the finest talents of the day - and while tickets typically average $60, we've got a good a stack for only $20 - but sales close in three days so make your move!



Jerusalem Quartet

String Quartet

Joseph Haydn | Quartet in D minor, Opus 76, no. 2, “Fifths”

Béla Bartók | Quartet No. 4

Johannes Brahms | Quartet in C minor, Opus 51, no. 1



Sarah Fendrick


Naomi Krasner


Naomi Krasner


Andrea Maurano


Nicole Wendl


Allan Alter

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Kenneth Stalberg


NEC’s Jordan Hall
30 Gainsborough Street, Boston, MA, USA Additional instructions: The event will be on the 3rd Floor, in the Botswana Hall. There will be plenty of signage and guides to lead you to the right place :o)


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