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Russian Elegy: An Aspect Night Out
Groupmuse Night Out

Russian Elegy: An Aspect Night Out

:enox Hill

Wed, December 4, 2019 7:30 PM, EST
(Ticket sales closed Dec 3, 7:30 PM EST)

1 of 50 tickets still available
Drinking policy
Don't bring your own drinks
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided
Toilet with a slash through it
No bathroom at this event
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Wheelchair Accessible

This is a Groupmuse Night Out

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Covering an 8th of the world’s inhabited land, from balmy Sochi on the Black Sea, to the Arctic forests of Siberia, from the heart of Europe to a few dozen miles off the coast of Alaska, Mother Russia looms large. So many of the greatest painters, novels, musicians, composers, scientists, and thinkers have come from this sprawling and mysterious landmass. But anyone who’s opened a history book knows it hasn’t been a bed of roses - serfdom, czardom, revolutions, counter revolutions, and two unimaginable bloodbaths known as the World Wars have made the story of Russia and tragic as it is beautiful.

Our brilliant friends at the Aspect Chamber Music Series have prepared an evening honoring that sadness and that beauty. They’ve entitled it Russian Elegy, and they want us to join for a Night Out.

The program starts with Anatoly Lyadov’s pieces for piano. It moves into the heart-breaking Trio Pathétique by Mikhail Glinka. And it ends with Tchaikovsky’s mammoth masterwork, his Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50. All three pieces are rife with the sorrow of endless winters, and, as always Aspect has brought along a brilliant lecturer to give an illustrated talk and to set the scene. Stephen Johnson is a classical music scholar and broadcaster, and he’ll bring us closer in.

Aspect brings in the best musical talent the world has to offer, and this time is no different: we’ve got Misha Keylin on the violin, Pavel Nersessian on the piano, and Zlatomir Fung on the cello. Zlatomir recently won first prize at the Tchaikovsky competition - arguably the most venerable award a classical musician can aspire to.

And, as ever, there will be free wine and snacks before the show and at intermission. So show up on time!

Tickets are typically $45, but we’ve got a sweet stack for $20! Supplies are limited though, so grab yours if you want to join!

And have a great Night Out!

What's the music?

Misha Keylin Violin
Pavel Nersessian Piano
Zlatomir Fung Cello

Lyadov - Three Pieces, Op. 57

Glinka - Trio Pathétique

Tchaikovsky - Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50


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