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Alisa Rose


Alisa Rose full profile / Violin and PIano / 2 musicians

Composers featured: Schoenfield, Pärt, Messiaen, Chew, Rose

Full program notes

Dreams and Dances for Violin and Piano

Paul Schoenfield - Country Fiddle Pieces
I. Who Let the Cat Out Last Night
II. Pining for Betsy
Olivier Messiaen - Theme & Variations
Gabriela Lena Frank - Sueños de Chambi: Snapshots for an Andean Album
II. Diablicos Puneños
III. Responsorio Lauramarqueño
IV. P’asña Marcha
Monica Chew - Glances and premiere of a new work!
Alisa Rose - Nocturne for America, and premiere of a new work!

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