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Brooklyn NY
Ethnic Roots Jazz Ensemble

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Compass Trio in Harlem: a Night of Indian Raga and Flamenco

  • Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 7:00 PM
  • Central Harlem New York, NY

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Compass is an emergent trio creating original compositions which delicately blend lyrical improvisations within the traditions of Indian Ragas, Flamenco music, and an original compositional voice. Compass is comprised of James Labrosse on guitar/effects, Tripp Dudley on tabla, and Galen Passen on sitar. Each has studied extensively in their respective genres, sometimes devoting years of their lives to living in the origin country of their chosen form. They each bring their unique perspective borne out of the depths of those efforts to this brand new music, employing odd meter rhythms, colorful arrangements, and soulful improvisations, all rooted within age-old traditions.

Traditional Repertoire

All repertoire is original with strong reference to the traditions of hindustani classical music and flamenco music.


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