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Horn Quartet

Metropolitan Horn Authority @mhaquartet

Horn Quartet


Metropolitan Horn Authority is a contemporary horn quartet that takes aspects of classical and popular music and turns them into a unique concert experience. Through original arrangements they expose audiences to the wide range of the horn while showing off its versatility in different styles. With an emphasis on the live performance, the MHA makes sure to create a program that engages and connects with the audience.


Metropolitan Horn Authority has a standard repertoire featuring original arrangements of the "Magic Flute Overture" and "Horn Concerto No. 4" by Mozart, "Classical Mash-up" (with music by Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Rossini, and Puccini), and their "Movie Medley" highlighting the music of John Williams. They also play works by Bach (chorales, preludes, and fugues), Brahms, Hindemith ("Sonata for Four Horns"), and others. A big library of original popular music is also available, feel free to make requests!



Host one of these programs in your space!

Past groupmuses (2)

  • Outdoors

    Twilight brass in Fort Greene

    Friday, Aug 18, 2023 7:30 PM EDT

    • Neighborhood: Fort Greene
    • Composers: Mozart, Bach, John Williams, Debussy
    • Instruments: Horn Quartet
    • Price: $5 to reserve, $15+ at event

    Happened 10 months ago

  • Outdoors

    Enjoy some music on Prospect Lefferts Rooftop!

    Saturday, Aug 7, 2021 7:30 PM EDT

    • Neighborhood: Prospect Lefferts Gardens
    • Composers: Mozart, Bach, Hindemith, Debussy,
    • Instruments: Horn Quartet
    • Price: $5 to reserve, $20+ at event

    Happened almost 3 years ago