This groupmuse happened on Saturday, October 3, at 5:30 PM EDT.

This is a livestreaming Groupmuse Virtual Concert

A live virtual performance with community videochat and a Q&A with the artists.

🎉 Groupmuse Foundation Launchmuse! 🎈
Virtual Livestream

🎉 Groupmuse Foundation Launchmuse! 🎈


Sat, October 3, 2020 5:30 PM, EDT

Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks


Mosa Tsay Co-host
Christos Vayenas Co-host
Bexx Rosenbloom Co-host
Kyle Schmolze Co-host
Scott Garlinger Co-host

As you've probably heard, Groupmuse just launched a 501c3 nonprofit called the Groupmuse Foundation to help safeguard our passage through the Pandemic and beyond so that we can support and uplift an ever-growing community of classical musicians in these perilous times for this beloved art form. We're humbled and proud to say that since the start of COVID, we've organized more than 300 live virtual concerts and we've earned musicians more than $150,000.

You can read the announcement blog here.

Because this is such a watershed moment for this organization, we're OF COURSE throwing a groupmuse to celebrate the launch. We'll gather beforehand for a toast together, then enjoy a medley of highlights from some of the finest Groupmuse performances of the COVID era.

All contributions to the evening will be to the Groupmuse Foundation (and tax-deductible), and we ask that if you can afford to contribute, consider doing so generously to light the way through this crisis and back to the living room when public health allows.

Musicians, hosts, community members - please join us!

This event is about celebration and gratitude. Gratitude to the Groupmuse community for coming through with your generosity, and RSVPs through the years. Gratitude to the Groupmuse musicians for pouring your heart out into your music. Gratitude to the hosts for providing the spaces (living room or virtual) for the magic to be possible.

This event will be from 5:30pm ET - 6:30pm ET, and then we'll sign off to head to any of the groupmuses going on in the evening.

  • Feel free to dress up in your favorite PARTY attire.
  • Bring yourself, and your favorite cocktail/mocktail/beer/tea!

Can't wait to celebrate Groupmuse's SEVEN years of music with you all!



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Mosa Tsay, over 2 years ago

Hi all,

Looking forward to seeing you at the Launchmuse in about an hour. (Please check the event page for the Zoom link when it's time to log on!)

Bring yourself, your favorite drink, and feel free to throw on your favorite party outfit. We're celebrating today! 

Our Groupmuse drink expert wanted to share these recipes, in case you have a full bar or measure at home:

1) Cocktail: **"Viola. Viola. Viola!"** (Inspired by
(aka Classic Whisky Sour)
2oz bourbon
1oz lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
1/2oz orange juice
1/2oz 2:1 simple syrup (make this ahead of time and refrigerate, 1 c sugar, 1/2 c water)
1 egg white
optional: 2 dashes orange bitters
optional: garnish with luxardo cherry and orange slice
Pour bourbon, lemon, orange, simple, egg white, and optional bitters into shaker and dry shake until foamy.  Add plentiful ice and shake again to chill.  Pour into glass and garnish with optional cherry and orange.

2) Mocktail: **"I'll Be Bach"** (aka Strawberry-Mint Lemonade Spritzer)
3 strawberries
6 mint leaves
1 oz lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
1 oz 1:1 simple syrup
4 oz lemon seltzer
optional: garnish with strawberry slice
Muddle strawberries and mint in simple syrup in the bottom of glass. Add lemon, ice, and seltzer. Stir. Garnish with optional strawberry slice.

See you soon,

Jim Stauffer, over 2 years ago

Thanks, Mosa!
Looking forward to hearing today's players share favorite recipes from their own "bars" (ouch).

Mosa Tsay, over 2 years ago

Hi all,

Thank you all so much for joining tonight! Such an affirmation, such a joy to all be together.

Here’s the set list from tonight:
Beethoven - String Quartet Op. 18, No. 4 (3rd movement)
Schubert - Rondeau Brillant, Op. 895
Dvorak - Piano Trio in F Minor, Op. 65
Piazzolla - St. Louis en L'ile

(We’re still a bit short of our $5k goal for the evening - to be matched by the wonderful Bunny Beekman - so if you haven’t gotten a chance to give to the Groupmuse Foundation, please consider doing so!)

See you at a groupmuse soon!
Sam and Mosa


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Lindsey Neilsson Angelats
Jacob Picheny
Kristine Chuang
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