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The Grieving Place

The Grieving Place

Sunset Park

Thu, May 30 7:00 PM, EDT

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$20 tickets ($15 for Supermusers)
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Don't bring your own drinks
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for sale
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Wheelchair Accessible
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This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.


Groupmuse Superhost

Join us as we hold space for healing and catharsis through the musical expression of grief and loss.

From a young age, we are socialized to interact with our community based on the traditions we inherited from them. We are taught how to grieve, when, and what loss is appropriate to mourn. The Grieving Place uses the audio-visual medium as a way for audiences to experience and reflect on their own life experiences. The composer hopes that you will be able to use this offering to see the commonality that we share, finding connection and belonging. Because, there is no right or wrong way to remember what we have lost.

This Massivemuse is a multi-disciplinary experience that tells stories of loss and how they are remembered. The narrators of The Grieving Place are asked:
❓ What do you grieve?
❓ How do you grieve?
❓ Have you been allowed to grieve in your truth?

🌱 The Grieving Place wants to foster understanding and empathy for those who have experienced loss and provide a platform for artists to share their stories and experiences through the universal language of music. Join us at Big aLICe Brewing as Adrienne Baker and the narrators embark on a journey of exploring the absence that can get us to grief - "a state or condition in which something is expected, wanted, or looked for is not present or does not exist."

🎟️ Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm

🍺 The brewery will be selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic craft beers at this Massivemuse

🎤 About the artist:
Adrienne Baker is an interdisciplinary performance artist whose work has always been inspired by the hopes and dreams of her community. Her art is informed by the people it influences and impacts. She believes that her community raised her; her art is the direct product of her life experience.

An arranger and composer, her original works include I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free for Flute with Effects Pedal and the Pug Suite for Flute and Cello. She has also commissioned and premiered works such as Just Passing and Running In Place by Philadelphia-based composer Peter Christian. She has also commissioned and premiered works by composers including Anthony R. Green, Aaron Jay Myers, Melika M. Fitzhugh, and Liz Gelinas.

An active freelancer, engagements have included playing in The Sinfonietta, the Boston Public Library's Courtyard series, the Boston Sculptors Gallery, the Unsung Orchestra, and The Sugar Hill Salon chamber music series among others.

What's the music?

Adrienne Baker (she/her)

The Grieving Place by Adrienne Baker


52 34th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Apt: Building 6, 1st Floor


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