This groupmuse happened on Saturday, July 6, at 2:00 PM PDT.

This is a Groupmuse Massivemuse

Epic performances in unexpected spaces.

Mendelssohn Massivemuse on Lake Merritt

Mendelssohn Massivemuse on Lake Merritt

Downtown Oakland, Oakland

Sat, July 6, 2019 2:00 PM, PDT

80 of 200 tickets still available
Drinking policy
Bring your own drinks
No bathroom at this event
ADA access
Kid-friendly event


Groupmuse Superhost

The days are long, the evenings are warm. It’s that time again: For the third summer in a row, an exquisite historical mansion-museum overlooking Lake Merritt in Oakland is opening its doors for us to have a most musical bash: it's with great excitement that we announce we're heading back to the Camron-Stanford House for another afternoon Massivemuse!

The Massive is BYOB and BYOBlanket, because we'll be on the lawn. Stretch out, tune in, and bliss on some true beauty -- the sky, the lake, the architectural majesty, the sweet sounds: a symphony of senses. If you're dropping into Oakland for the day, go kayaking on the lake and check out the beer garden scene before the 'muse!

Bay Area musicians (including Mosa Tsay, Groupmuse's SF Regional Community Manager!) come together to perform a quartet program by two famous siblings who composed over 500 works total:

Felix Mendelssohn's String Quartet Op. 80, No. 6
Fanny Mendelssohn's String Quartet in E-flat Major

Everyone knows about Felix the Whiz-Kid. His older sister Fanny, however, was a musical talent on his level -- but for so many years her contributions were passed over because, well, Patriarchy. No longer! Let us sing her praises!

Tickets are $20, doors open at 2:00 p.m., with music beginning at around 2:45pm. See you there!


Mosa Tsay Cello
Aaron Requiro Violin
Kevin Rogers Violin

Fanny Mendelssohn
....String Quartet in E-flat Major

Felix Mendelssohn
....String Quartet in F Minor, Op. 80, No. 6

....Four Pieces for String Quartet, Op. 81


1418 Lakeside Dr, Oakland, CA 94612, USA
Additional instructions: Entrace to the gated garden is on the left hand side of the house.


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Bridget S., almost 4 years ago

Thank you to the marvelous musicians, Camron-Stanford House host, and fellow Groupmuse groupies for talent, time, and spirit for a symphony of the senses, indeed! Including a Groupmuse pal's friends who shared their delightful picnic with me. :)

I was especially moved by String Quartet in E-flat Major, and appreciate your playing such beautiful under-recognized works.

And to Groupmuse - bravo continued for all that you do to cultivate and maintain the community!


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