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Concetta Abbate full profile / Violin Flute Voice Guitar Glockenspiel / 4 musicians

Other players: Charlie Rauh, Charlie Rauh, Naeemah Maddox

Full program notes

WILD LIFE is a 45 minute chamber music program exploring our interspecies relationships with plants and animals. We seek to highlight the effects of climate change and the importance of drawing attention to our natural environment. We explore the ways in which animal and plant consciousness demonstrates empathetic sentience. Featuring music by three award winning composer/performers Concetta Abbate, Jesse Greenberg and Charlie Rauh.

1) Rauh’s THEORIA is a lullaby cycle composed for solo acoustic guitar and choir created while serving as artist in residence at Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in the summer of 2023 (the first residency of its kind). The music was composed with the intention of translating the work of the doctors and clinicians, as well as the experience of their animal patients, into sound with an emphasis on wellness.

VIDEO SAMPLE: https://youtu.be/ROu7oHXNzQw?si=vboZAukU9V7O19Ey

2) In Greenberg’s “Sunnyside Field Guide” the industrial landscape of Western Queens unfolds as a backdrop to a series of songs about synanthropic birds, birds with special adaptations and intelligences that allow them to make use of human-built infrastructure. Weaving together art song, instrumental interludes, and avian-inspired improvisations, the music blurs the supposed boundaries between the human-built world and nature.

VIDEO SAMPLE: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_7uAmZE-tQ

3) Abbate and Orr's INVISIBLE LIGHT is a 17 minute multisensory, electroacoustic, music composition about bird migration, climate change, grief, mass extinction, neurodivergent thinking, animal perspectives and communal mourning. Written for flexible chamber ensemble. Co-created with an animated video score by LA based artist David Orr. Performers can provide a projector for the performance as needed.

VIDEO SAMPLE: https://youtu.be/al9TuhA8K6s

Historical context

Art Song, Chamber Music, 20th Century Contemporary Music and Free Improvisation.

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The Lark Adagio (Haydn)

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