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Mirror Touch Song Cycle


Concetta Abbate full profile / 5 String Violin & Voice / 1 musician

Full program notes

“a suite of 12 gorgeous songs that float between the worlds of modern classical and neo-folk… filters the many stories she heard and absorbed into poignant, poetic verses that use just enough detail to be recognizable to the people that inspired her words, but open-ended enough to allow anyone to find solace within them.” - Grammy.com

Abbate's Mirror Touch is a Song Cycle written for 5 String Violin and Voice which explores experiences of synesthesia.

Live Performance sample: https://youtu.be/s1b2yP6sNtw?si=uXXfIGeQf9JfFpeS

Historical context

Rooted in Art Song. Inspired by other works for solo violin such as Bach and Telemann but incorporating folk and fiddle styles of singing and playing.

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The Lark Adagio (Haydn)

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