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LAMINARIA (folk horror music suite)


Concetta Abbate full profile / Chamber Orchestra / 10 musicians

Other players: Abbate, Rauh, Engel, Sims, Mayer, Wright, Friedman

Full program notes

Interview With QPTV with more info on the Performance:

A magical and exploratory work, LAMINARIA’s portrait of Folk
horror, reveals an undersea shadow ghost seeking light and transformation.

LAMINARIA is the Latin word for a kelp, a plant which grows
thickly in ocean forests and threatens to pull down sailors at sea.

Folk horror is a sub-genre which explores the terrifying power of
nature and our isolation in its darkness. Folk Horror references the
oral traditions of everyday people or “common folk” who seek to
understand the uncontrollable elements. The genre frequently
includes fairytale tropes such as wandering, being lost in the
wilderness and encountering unexplainable magic.

The piece is in three movements:

1- The Devil’s Apron
2-Water into Light

Historical context

Rooted in the historical traditions of chamber music, free improvisation and folkloric music coming from the various musical trainings and backgrounds of members of the group.

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